Our characteristics While our department puts enough weight on theoretical discipline, we also offer a lot of applied courses in science to learn professional case studies that will equip them to keep abreast with the new trends and new issues in the society.

Career paths
Campus jobs: counseling teachers at counseling centers or offices in schools of different levels Social workers: Counseling personnel in organizations such as Teacher Chang Foundation, Lifeline, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, and other employment service centers

Jobs in industrial companies: jobs in human resources department, training centers, human resources management, department of labor relations Jobs in commercial sectors: jobs in department of public relations, department of creative design, sales department, poll centers, and market investigation jobs in commercial agencies

Civil servant jobs from passing national tests: human resources management, educational administration, custody officer, prison officer, prison warden, social worker administration

Hospital/counseling centers: The counseling profession law requires clinical/counseling practitioners a master`s degree in clinical/counseling psychology and one year of internship.
International academic exchange programs:


    1. Sending exchange students to Drexel University in US.
      2007 — Yu Shan Huang, Yi-Chieh Tsai,

      2008 — Shou-Chi Lee

      2009 — Chi Fang
    2. Sending exchange students to Southern Illinois University Carbondale in US
      2011 — Zi-Hui Lin
    3. Sending exchange students to Mississippi College in US
      2017 — Yao-Jun Jiang
    1. Sending exchange students to Niigata University in Japan
      2010 — Sheng Wei Huang
    2. Sending exchange students to Waseda University in Japan
      2012 — Zhi-Kai Lin
    1. Sending exchange students to SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY in China
      2016 — Jia-Yin Zhuo
    1. Sending exchange students to SKEMA Business School in France
      2017 — Qi-Wei Yu
  1. Overseas students from international admission programs
    2007 – Pei-Ying Huang (graduate students from Malaysia)

    2008 — Shao-Hua Tseng (graduate student from Malaysia)

    2010 – Chris (graduate student from Belize)

    2010 — Yu-Ling Chang (graduate students from Malaysia)
  2. International seminar in Cross-cultural Psychology (2/20-2/28 in 2009)

Visiting professor: William K. Gabrenya Jr