In 1966, Chung Yuan Christian University founded Department of Psychology, the second department of psychology in Taiwan, with Professor Chia-Yu Liu as the chairman. With the help of all chairpersons, teachers, alumni, students, and colleagues in the school, the department has grown into an important center of psychological studies.

In 1987, the department expanded its programs to have an enrollment of two classes per year. One year later, the graduate programs were launched.

In 1996, the department started the credit-based program of extended education. In the same year, the Ministry of Education entrusted the department to set up the undergraduate credit-based program for middle school student counseling.

In 2004, the department`s graduate programs were expanded to include a new in-service graduate program to follow the philosophy of holistic education and train all-round talents in psychology who are equipped with professional knowledge, humanistic qualities, such as diligence, sociability, and other essential virtues and who are skilled in both practice and research. Over the years, our programs have trained many psychological professionals working as outstanding practitioners or independent researchers.